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CBD Paste

CBD Paste range from CBD Shopper contains a selection of the best Raw Full Spectrum CBD Pastes we could find. All tried and tested by our team and all as good as you will ever try. Guaranteed!

Brand: Reakiro
Product Description:This 1000mg CBD Raw Paste from Reakiro, is such a great innovation and must be the purest CBD product we sell. Made using CO2 extraction, the only thing removed is the leaves and stalks, this really is a true "full spectrum" product.Super-rich in all cannabinoids, terpenes and fl..
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All our selected CBD Pastes are created from extracting the full spectrum compounds from the hemp plant. Rich in all major Cannabinoids like CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBC and trace amount of THC (all within the UK legal limit). They also contain all the other natural Phytocannabinoids, Terpenes, Flavonoids and Essential Fatty Acids to create an amazing product. We often say that "if our CBD pastes don't work, CBD just will not work". They are that good.

Due to the nature of the extraction process etc, most of our CBD Pastes will have a natural "hempy" taste. This is because the only thing removed, was the stalks and fibres.

All our CBD Pastes are 100% legal in the UK and contain the safe/legal amounts of THC under 1mg/container.