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Cold Pressed CBD Oil

Cold Pressed CBD Oil is unlike any other CBD product out there. Made using ancient extraction methods, this true Full Spectrum CBD oil is 100% natural.

Not to be confused with Cold Pressed "Hemp Oil" that is sold in many supermarkets and shops, this Cold Pressed CBD Oil is made by cold-pressing the stalks, leaves and flowers. Cold Pressed hemp oil is made by pressing only the seeds. The difference is that the seeds do not contain any of the major vital Cannabinoids like CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBC and THC (legal amount below 1mg).

Brand: CBD-UK
COLD PRESSED CBD Oil from CBD UK is the latest product in our range.Do not be fooled by the 300mg (3%) strength label as this is not like most CBD oils we sell. Cold Pressed CBD is made like it would have been thousands of years ago. It is created by cold pressing the stalks and flowers of the Canna..
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What is Cold Pressed CBD?

As we said above, the main difference between standard CO2 extracted and Cold Pressed CBD Oil is how the oil is taken from the raw plant. Cold pressing is how it would have been made 1000's of years ago. No chemicals, no scientific processes, just simple squeezing of the already amazing plant to create an amazing pure CBD oil.

Other companies will offer higher strength Cold Pressed CBD Oils but these are always just "bulked-up" using cheaper isolate CBD powder. This goes against the whole concept of Cold Pressed CBD and makes it a Novel Food.

What are the benefits of Cold Pressed CBD?

  • It is 100% natural
  • It is Vegan Friendly
  • All our Cold Pressed products are made using UK grown Hemp
  • They are all free from Pesticides and any Heavy Metals
  • Cold Pressed CBD products are Food Standards Agency (FSA) Novel Foods exempt

Is Cold Pressed CBD Oil the same as Hemp Oil?

As we said earlier, cold pressed supermarket "hemp oil" is made from crushing only the seeds of the cannabis hemp plant. Cold Pressed CBD Oil is made from crushing the important leaves, stalks and flowers. Hemp Oil contains minute trace elements of any cannabinoids, unlike CBD/CBDA rich Cold Pressed CBD Oil.