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CBG Oil (or Cannabigerol to give it its proper name), is the new CBD. It was always in a lot of quality CBD Oil products but often only in very small amounts. In recent times, its true potential seems to have come to light and it now has become as popular as CBD Oil.Scroll down for more information on CBG Oil.

Brand: CBD-UK
Finding a good CBG Oil isn't that easy but look no further. CBG is the new CBD. Known for it's power to aid relaxation and sleep, this is the go-to CBD oil for anyone needing help relax or to sleep better.This quality CBG oil from CBD-UK is a 50/50 CBG/CBD blend in a MCT carrier oil. The 50/50 mix h..
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CBG Oil more information:

CBG, just like CBD, is a nonintoxicating compound and has no psychoactive effect on the human brain. It will not get you "high" and will not make you drowsy.

All that said, CBG is now widely accepted as the "Sleep" compound in the Hemp plant. Products containing CBD and CBG are the go-to supplement to aid better sleep.

Although up until recently, there was little research on CBG (or any Hemp compound to be fair), but recent studies seem to suggest that CBG can help with many conditions. A quick search on "what are the pontential benefits of CBG" on Google will bring up many informative articles on this amazing compound.