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CBD Oils

With over 7 years in the manufacture and supply of CBD Oils and CBD products to the UK, CBD Shopper bring you a collection of the top CBD Oils available anywhere online.

All our selected CBD Oils are Food Standards Agency (FSA), Novel Foods Approved products. Only FSA Approved products can legally be sold in the UK.

All our CBD Oils have been lab-tested to ensure they are exactly what they say on the bottle. 100% Natural, 100% Safe and free from contaminents. Each CBD Oil has also been tested to ensure it will not get you high and will not make you fail a drugs test. Even our Full Spectrum CBD Oil range are all within the UK legal limit for THC, and will not affect your mental state-of-mind.

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CBD Oils are made from extracting the cannabinoids (the natural compounds found in the Cannabis plant), and blending them with a carrier-oil like Olive Oil or MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides (normally made from coconuts). Depending how the CBD is extracted, often depends on what compounds are left and what are removed. The reason behind the different extraction methods are that some people want "pure" CBD oils that contain Pure CBD compound. Some may want a broader selection of compounds (Cannabinoids) like CBD, CBG, CBC etc. All known for having different effects on the human body (CBG is great to help with things like sleep etc).

The 4 main types of CBD Oil:

CBD Oils fall into 4 main categories: Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, Isolate (Pure) CBD Oil and Cold Pressed CBD Oil. Each one is very different and each one may have very different results when taken (more information below).


Full Spectrum CBD Oil


This is the mother lode of CBD Oils. This is where everything that can be left in the final product has been. A true Full Spectrum CBD oil will contain not only CBD, but compounds like CBC, CBG, CBDA, and legal amounts of THC. It will also smell and taste very much like the natural plant ("hempy"). This is due to leaving in place, the Terpenes (smelling compounds) and the Flavonoids (taste compounds). Even though Full Spectrum CBD Oil contains some THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), all our CBD Oil products on sale will not get you "high" and will not make you fail a drugs test.


Broad Spectrum CBD Oil


This is very similar to "Full Spectrum" CBD Oil apart from one key factor, It has had all the THC removed. This is usualy down to some countries outlawing THC. The UK legal limit at the present time is 1mg/container. All our CBD Oil products are below this legal amount.

It may also be less harsh (or less "hempy") than a true Full Spectrum oil. Again, this is done on purpose at the extraction stage and many of the terpenes/flavonoids/chlorophylls etc have been removed. This is mainly personal choice.


Isolate (PURE) CBD Oil


Isolate CBD Oil is where absolutley everything apart from the CBD compound has been removed. Flavourless and odourless, this may seem like a lower quality product but from experience, Isolate Pure CBD oils do also work well and the feedback we get from these products is often amazing. Some people just prefer the simple plain taste of these oils and the fact that they contain zero THC. Some athletes/police/military personnel etc like to play safe and make sure they have a product that contains no THC.


Cold Pressed CBD Oil


The crazy thing about Cold Pressed CBD Oil is that it seems to be the "new-kid-on-the-block", yet it is the oldest form of CBD Oil (or CBD extraction) by far. It is exactly what it says on the tin....pressed when cold. Nothing else.

One thing to be aware of with "Cold Pressed" CBD Oil is that it is not the same as "Hemp Seed Oil". That is made by pressing the Hemp Seeds. Cold Pressed CBD Oil is made by pressing the stalks and flowers. These contain CBD (unlike the seeds).

Often a mild (yet slight hempy) taste, Cold Pressed CBD Oil is also exempt from the new Food Standards Agency "Novel Foods" regulations (because it was consumed before May 1997). For more information on the new FSA Novel Foods regulations, click HERE.